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Dear Valued Client,
We have reached that time of the year when medical schemes announce their product enhancements and premium increases for the new year.
This year Momentum Health has taken cognisance of the impact of Covid and has launched a very attractive range of enhancements as well as NO PREMIUM INCREASE until 1 September 2022!
Thereafter premiums will increase by 6% effectively resulting in a 2% increase for 2022.Where there are sub-limits, these have been increased by 4% but no increase in any co-payments!
In fact, there will be a reduction on certain co-payments where members elect to have their procedures in a day clinic as opposed to a hospital. Removal of wisdom teeth will also result in less of your Health Saver funds being utilised from next year, as the specialists will be funded from the risk benefit.Momentum Health has seen significant benefit with regards to cost and convenience, where members have made use of virtual doctor consultations so we can expect to see some exciting new trends developing in this space.
To this end, the Evolve Hospital Plan now offers 2 virtual GP consultations from next year.

We have seen significant increases in the rates that specialists are charging and thus the need for GAP COVER has never been more important.
If you don’t have Gap cover, please let us know and we will provide you with a quote for the most appropriate option for your needs.

You will receive your specific policy details and option change forms from Momentum Health during the next month.
Kindly contact us should you not receive this information.

We would like to suggest you contact us if you would like to review your policy and especially if your situation has changed during this year.

Alternatively, please select from the following options by clicking on the most suitable one:

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