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Momentum Health recently launched their enhancements and premium increases for 2020.

Top of mind for most of us is the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI). You may have read, and will continue to read commentary on this subject, but in a nutshell, Momentum Health is adamant that Private Healthcare cover will continue to be available, even with NHI. 2026 is the “proposed” date of the “full implementation” and the Minister of Health has already stated there would be no impact of the medical aid industry before then.

So, what’s in store for 2020?

– Momentum Health is in extremely good shape!
– Reserve Ratios exceeds the 25% requirement (25.2%)
– 8.4% weighted increase in premiums for 2020, which is the lowest increase announced to date!

Introducing the Evolve Option

Evolve Option, provides cover for hospitalization at the Evolve Network – KZN members will be please to know this includes Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, Kingsway, Hillcrest Private Hospital and St Augustines Hospital.

Day-to-day benefit are subject to HealthSaver.

This is an excellent entry level option for younger, healthier people wanting to go on a medical aid.

Benefit Enhancements

Enhancements to the Maternity benefit, on an already comprehensive maternity benefit Momentum have increased this benefit and added:

  • Nurse Home Visits
  • Lou Harvey Nappy Bag
  • Meal delivery to your home on first night home.


Fitness Assessment now valid for 12 months (previously was 6 months)

Multiply Visa card – Use your card at healthcare providers, pharmacies and even veterinarians and spend your cash-backs at any Visa-enabled merchant in South Africa.

Option changes

Option change cut off for 2020 will be 30 November 2019. Further communications and personalized option change details will be sent during October. Please remember, we are here to assist you with any advice or questions you may have before you decide on the most appropriate option for you and your family for 2020.

Please contact your Proper Group healthcare consultant for assistance:


031 502 3329

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